Forehead Lift is Reported to Stop or at least Reduce Migraines

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April 24, 2013
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May 1, 2013

Forehead Lift is Reported to Stop or at least Reduce Migraines

A forehead lift-brow lift surgery or browplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to elevate a drooping eyebrow that may obstruct vision and/or to remove deep fine lines that run horizontally across the forehead and may portray to others anger, annoyance, fatigue or other unintended emotions.

Forehead lift -brow lift surgery procedure

 Since the advent of the hugely popular fine line and wrinkle remover, Botox many consumers avoided the invasive surgical procedures altogether. They prefer to opt for Botox injections every four to six months to experience same results. Botox is also used for forehead lift as it increases the effects of the surgeries.

Endoscopic surgery is often used in forehead lifts. It is a surgical procedure that employs pencil-sized arms inserted through three to five incisions. One of the arms displays what it sees under the patient’s skin on a screen and other arms perform surgical functions. An advancement in forehead and brow lift surgery used Endotine implants which are bioabsorbable. First, the surgeon frees the tissues of the forehead from the skull, lifts them and connects them onto the implant tines which hold them in place. Afterwards the surgeon readjusts the height of the lift by moving the tissues. If left undisturbed for 30 to 60 days, the forehead tissues heal and connect to the bone at the elevated position.

In some cases, especially when eyebrows and forehead skin are not too heavy, the surgeon can also elevate the upper eyelids.

Migraine and forehead lift

Forehead lift is reported to have significant impact on people suffering from migraine. Dr Guyron, a director of the American Board of plastic surgery and writer of more than 150 articles published in respected medical journals, believes that many migraines are caused by nerves in facial area, neck area or scalp being irritated by over-tight muscles, and therefore removing or loosening eases the pressure they put. He carried out numerous studies into the technique and arranged training sessions for other surgeons.

In his latest study, Dr Guyuron has compared the results of surgery with a dummy treatment in which patients were operated on but their muscles were left untouched. Forty nine women and men with severe migraines had the proper forehead lift surgery and 26 the other procedure. A year later, 57 percent of the patients who had forehead lift surgery had been cured compared with just 4 percent in the other group. 83 percent of those who had muscle removed reported that their migraines were much less severe or had stopped altogether. Other studies involving more than 400 patients reported to have above 90 percent success rate.

Dr Guyuron said: ‘Patients are back to work in a week or less and the benefits last for the rest of their lives’.

Other benefits of forehead and brow lift surgery

  • If you want to have an eyelid lift, an experienced and skill full surgeon can perform it simultaneously.
  • The surgery gives younger appearance by scoring or removing some of the small forehead muscles.
  • It removes wrinkles and lines and gives a smoother forehead.

Take a deep breath if you feel annoyed and irritated with the daily dose of migraine medicines that surely have their side effects. You should give yourself a chance by availing forehead lift-brow lift surgery that do not only cure migraine but also give a youthful and fresh appearance.

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