Hair Transplantation – FUE and FUT

Hair Transplantation – FUE and FUTHair transplant is the last resort for people who have lost their hair due to any diseases, hormonal changes, gene pool or any other reason. It redistributes hair in an effort to cover any bald patch on your scalp. It moves your hair follicles from a region where they are available to an area where they are needed. So far, hair transplant is the only method that works by redistributing your hair.

People like hair transplant because it is an easy and simple surgery that involves minimal intervention with your scalp tissues. It gives you natural looking hairline that will never be suspected for a surgical procedure until you hang out with a group known for their hair transplants!

The Procedure :

Hair transplant using FUE or FUT (Hair Transplantation – FUE and FUT) is common and most widely used for donor hair harvesting.

Follicular Unit Transplantation:

Also known as strip removal, it is a traditional method to extract hair grafts from scalp. In a FUT procedure, surgeon takes out a strip of donor tissue from the back of the scalp and extracts hair follicles form the strip. These follicles are then planted in the bald patch. This method leaves a scar at the donor site that the patient would need to hide through long hair. Strip removal has a longer recovery time.

Follicular Unit Extraction:

It is a modern procedure that extracts hair follicles directly from the scalp and plants them in the bald patch. It bypasses many of the downsides that traditional FUT has,like FUE does not produce a linear scar, it has a short recovery time and minimal side effects.

Potential Side Effects and Risks:

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure, if done carefully, does not have any permanent complications. However, some potential side effects are

  • Swelling and bruising in the treated area that subsides within few days.
  • All the transplanted hairs fall during the first few days after treatment. However, they will appear within next 3 to 4 months.
  • Itching and scab formation is also a common side effect. Massaging the scalp would ease itching. Shampooing prevents scab formation.

Some Chunks that you must know before going for a Hair Transplant:

Your decision to have a hair transplant has a lifelong impact on your appearance and confidence level. Here are some chunks that would definitely help you in making a wise and well-informed decision.

  • Hair transplant has everlasting effects on your looks and your personality. Always go for a board certified plastic or cosmetic surgeon if you want to have hair transplant because a good surgeon will give u good results that you will definitely enjoys the rest of your life.
  • In some cases FUT is a better choice while in others FUE is more appropriate. You cannot influence your surgeon to have your desired procedure because he is the right person to decide which method would suit you the best. However, you can tell him your preferences.
  • Quite smoking several months prior to your surgery as it may slow down your recovery procedure.

Hair Transplantation – FUE and FUT is an amazing procedure. It has helped people in gaining an enhanced level of self-esteem. It is certainly your way if you want to look young once again in your life!