Health Tourism / International Patients in Pakistan

Many patients from abroad have recently traveled to Pakistan for cosmetic surgery by Dr. Bokhari. All the patients had the same great experience of the kindness, hospitality and caring nature of the people of Pakistan. Most of them want to come back even just for a visit. Although there is lots of hype about the security situation in Pakistan, most of the patients were reassured by foreigners living in Pakistan.

Health tourism in Pakistan, though in infancy is picking up at a rapid pace. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad, Pakistan we offer plastic surgery travel packages which include accommodation, transportation, food and in many instances airfare. We make it a real pleasant experience for you. From the airport pick up to facilitation at the hotel and hospital we take everything seriously.

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery in Islamabad is one of the main providers of health tourism in Pakistan. Health tourism in Lahore and Karachi will be offered in the near future. We have joined hands with Maroof International Hospital to offer our services at the state of the art facilities.

Islamabad is particularly suited for health tourism holidays because of its pleasant year round weather and greenery. Proximity to the mountains and other attractions make Islamabad a perfect location for cosmetic surgery health tourism.

Packages are individually planned to suit your needs. Affordable fees and quality of services are the hall mark of tourism in Pakistan. Qualifications, training, experience and surgical skills of Dr. Bokhari are the main reasons many patients have travelled from abroad to Islamabad to have their desired procedures.