Plastic And Cosmetic Surgeon

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Plastic And Cosmetic Surgeon

Who is plastic surgeon?

A Plastic Surgeon is a person who reconstructs dysfunctional parts of body that do not work properly due to birth disorders, traumas, burn or diseases etc. It aims the proper functioning of a body organ. The plastic surgery is reconstructive in nature.

What is the difference between plastic surgeon and cosmetic surgeon?

A plastic surgeon performs surgeries to treat in born defects and impairments that are the results of an accident, burn, cancer or trauma. For example surgeries for tumor removal,cleft lip and palate, scar removal and laceration repair are done by plastic surgeons.

While a cosmetic surgeon aims to make you look beautiful through restoring or enhancing your facial and body features. A lot of people approach cosmetic surgeons for botox, lasers, liposuction, nose job and breast enlargement surgery.

Does a single plastic surgeon do lasers, botox, liposuction, hair transplant cleft lip and palate etc, or there are specialists of each field?

It varies. There are some plastic surgeons who perform all of them while others do some of them. Lasers are generally performed by dermatologists. But some qualified and experienced plastic surgeons who are board certified also practice lasers.

Can I avail a plastic surgeon’s expertise or they are just unaffordable?

Of course, you can avail a plastic surgeon’s expertise if you are facing improper functioning of a body organ or just want to look beautiful. No doubt, they are affordable. Reserve an appointment with the plastic surgeon and discuss costs of the procedure that you want to avail. He/she will guide you how you can get your plastic surgery done in minimum costs. Some plastic surgeons offer discounts as well.

How to find an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon?

You can search an experienced, qualified and skilled plastic surgeon through internet. Find a surgeon who is providing services in your locale. Locate his/her clinic through google map and set an appointment through phone.

What to look in a plastic surgeon?

Once you are at the surgeon’s clinic, ask him/her for before and after photos of previous surgeries. Good plastic surgeons always maintain a log of photos and videos as well. Ask if he/she can arrange your meeting with previous patients, so that you will have a clear idea of how the results of plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery would appear.

Do Pakistan and UAE offer good plastic surgeons or I need to go Europe to get my plastic surgery done?

Pakistan and UAE do offer skilled and experienced plastic surgeons. You can easily locate such qualified professionals through internet. Dr Farhat Bokhari  is one of those highly qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons who are all in to provide you the unmatched level of services.

What are the specialties of Dr Farhat Bokhari?

Dr Farhat Bokhari is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Society of Laser Medicine, American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons and Pakistani Physicians of North America. He is among those plastic surgeons who successfully perform laser treatments.



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