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20/6/2007 – Dear Dr Bokhari, Thank you a lot for changing my life to the best, my nose was like a nightmare fro me I feel it big and huge by the surgery , you made me more younger and more v happier, you are the best no one can say the opposite . I will visit you always to remind you that you are the angel that make dream come true
Love you

10 Feb. 2007 – I am so glad I went ahead and went through with the liposuction surgery. What a transformation I am so happy with the results and wish I had it done sooner.
Thank you so much doctor Bokhari and thank you to all the staff for making this such a wonderful experience. I am so happy with the results and would recommend anyone who is thinking of having liposuction to go and see Dr. Bokhari and his staff at the Euro American Center

15 Apr 2006 – Dear Dr. Bokhari, First may I thank you for all your time and effort in making my dreams come true. Iam thrilled with the look and things are settling down quite nicely. I do have a few bruises but nothing to worry about. pain is almost non existent now and am still enjoying each waking morning!
It was a very traumatic time for all involved and despite the problems I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone else. You have been wonderful…
Kindest regards

15-07-2006 – I would like to say thank you to all the staff for your support and encouragement through out pre-op and recovery. Iam most pleased with the results of my operation thanks to Dr. Bokhari a true professional in every sense.
Thank you once again.

Dear Dr Bokhari, I am absolutely thrilled with the transformation spent for too long wondering whether I should go ahead with the surgery, but once my mind was made up and we went ahead with surgery, I have loved every inch of my enhancement!! It has done wonders to my confidence and my husband adores. the new look Dr. Bokhari was confident of the look I wanted and achieved it too perfection. Words cannot express how happy am with the new look.
Thank you Dr. Bokhari

Dr. Bokhari, Has, I feel worked a miracle and given me confidence in myself again. I had horribly fat arms but could not do anything about them due to arthritis but after liposuction, my arms look very nice and slim and I am very pleased with the results.
Dr. Bokhari, apart from being an excellent cosmetic surgeon, is a wonderful person, very patient, helpful and encouraging and understood my frustration and helped me regain my self-esteem too.
Dr. Bokhari’s staff, too, is extremely nice, courteous and very helpful.
I feel as though I’ve found new wonderful friends in Dr. Bokhari and his staff.
I would highly recommend Dr. Bokhari to anyone who is interested in any kind of procedure.

Dr. Bokhari – All I can say 2 weeks after my operation is fantastic, I’m absolutely thrilled with my results and I’ve been assured there are more to come. Your staffs are amazing.
Thanks for making me a very happy person.
All the best.

Dr. Bokhari is the Best Specialist Plastic Surgeon. He made my dream come true. I am very happy with my new nose.
Dr. Bokhari is the BEST!

8/5/06- Breast Augmentation
He is a good doctor. I feel sorry that I cannot see him today because of the surgery. I’m happy that I made the operation and I’m happy that he is my doctor.
I’ll do next operation after 10-15 years with him.
I will do nose surgery with him soon. He is excellent!!!

21-06-2006 – I thank Dr. Bokhari and all his assistants for everything they have done. I am very impressed with their caring attitude towards me and the post operative care is fantastic.
I recommend that you follow Dr. Bokhari’s advice – I went for several consultations before having meeting Dr. Bokhari and going ahead with the implant size that he said ward suit my body shape I am now overjoyed with the results.
Thank you very much!!!

June 8, 2006 – Dear Dr. Bokhari, Thank you for everything. I always was a happy girl, but you make my whole life more and more happier, wish you all the best in life with whom you love.
For all the staff thank you all for your help and smile.
Good luck to all

21 May 2006 – You couldn’t ask for nicer people to be in the care of. From the very beginning I have felt special and looked after. Given at the hospital everyone was all smiles and reassurance. There will definitely be many referrals from me.
Thank you all of you, you are a wonderful team I will miss my visits and all your welcoming smiles.
All that and I feel and look great too, I only wish I had done it sooner!!

Ich hahe gedecht dass niemand das machen kann, aber es hat sich gezeigt dass ich der nichting platz(klinik) gefunden habe.
Was ich sagen niochte
Ich bin sher zufrieden.
Vielen Dank Dr. Bokhari
Danke fur alles.
Abdella Salem

Dear Dr. Bokhari, I can’t tell you how great you have made me feel. I have the body that I had previously in my 20’s!! And how cool is that???
You, your team and the hospital team are “Simply the Best”
Much Love

Dr. Bokhari, I have been meaning to write to you for sometime, but it seems like I have hardly had a moment since I got back into work so many weeks ago. I just wanted to thank you for the truly excellent work you did to my nose. I have to admit, I was very nervous about having this type of surgery done in the Middle East – a worry exacerbated by the fact so many other friends were also of this opinion. However upon our first meeting, your professionalism and easy manner strongly confirmed that you were the only person for the job. But perhaps more importantly, you listened and understood exactly what I wanted. I had done my research in the marketplace and you were without a doubt the most professional, honest and best value for money. I could hardly believe my luck!
I was also surprised that the whole experience was completely painless. Following the initial consultation there was just a few formalities and after that everything happened quickly and painlessly. Part of the service you offer means you don’t even have to stay overnight in hospital which is fantastic.
Almost 2 months on and I am so pleased with the results. I have plenty of comments on what a great job you have done. Of course, not everyone is so open about wanting to have cosmetic surgery, but if anyone asks me for a recommendation I wouldn’t hesitate to refer you.
Thank you so much once again.

Hi Nicky, I just thought I’d send to an email to say a very big thank to Dr. Bokhari and yourself for the surgery you did for me.
I have healed amazingly well. I was fully expecting not to be able to get out of bed all holiday, yet I was still able to get out and enjoy the sun! Since I’ve been back in England I have no pain and the scares have faded quite a bit!
I would be very happy for you to give my e-mail address to any ladies who are thinking about having breast implants so I can tell them how fantastic you are!
Thanks again.

Dear Dr.Bokhari, Thank you profusely for such a wonderful and intricate “job”
You are a true asset to your profession.
You came highly recommended by the physicians in the USA we were even surprised to find someone with your “skill-set” have in Jumeirah, Dubai
You have exceeded our expectations
Ahmad – A very happy husband

Dear Dr.Bokhari and the staff, I’ve never been so happy with my appearance as it am now, thank you for everything you’ve done
And helping me through my recovery.
Thank you

Dear Dr.Bokhari and staff,
I just thought I would take a minute to let you know how much I appreciated how you and your staff made me feel totally confident in the decision I made to have a breast augmentation. I had previously contacted a few other plastic surgeon centers and initially choose yours for the personal and warm welcome I received. When coming in for my consultation appointment you and your staff were informative, professional and reassuring in answering all my questions regarding what procedures would be and what to expect before and after my surgery. I am very happy with the decision I have made and would like to thank you all again for the professional and personal care I received at your facility. Your staff is a great asset to your practice and would highly recommend your services to anyone considering having breast augmentation.
Thank you

Dr. bokhari, At first I was scared to have the procedures but now since I have had the breast enlargement I feel wonderful. I use to not like the way I looked in the mirror but now am firmer and bigger,
My husband can’t keep his hands off of me. I am happier now and feel good about myself. It is hard to believe that something so simple can make you feel so good about yourself.
The doctors and nurses and everybody involved was really good to me and made me feel very comfortable
Thank you

Dear Dr. Bokhari, All the people in this office made my wife very comfortable. This has made a great change in my wife, she is happy with the way she looks I have looked at a lot of breast before we did this and her breast looks and feels perfect. The main thing I liked about the doctor he was more interesting in making my wife happy instead of him making money. I loved my wife very much before she did this and I thought things could not get better but it did with this surgery and I owe it all to the doctor and his staff.
Thank you very much

Dr Bokhari and staff, Thank you so much for making me feels so comfortable in such a nervous situation the flows were beautiful the card was very thoughtful and precious you are such and angel Dr.Bokhari is very lucky to have such a warm and compassionate people working for them such as yourself I cant thank you enough for all your support . A note to thank you for your thoughtfulness. I only wish I would have done this year s ago. I’m very satisfied with the results. Please use me for a reference if needed…
Thank you

DR.Bokhari, I want to take this opportunity to note the wonderful treatment I’ve received at Dr.Bokhari’s office. When I come for my initial consultation, both Asiya and Dr. Bokhari shared all my options taking great care to address my questions and concerns, more notable was the extra special care I received my surgery date for liposuction to brow lift. I was so nervous that my blood pressure was rising, everyone on the staff and especially Dr.Bokhari took care to make me feel at ease. I feel like a special person not an appointment on a surgery calendar. Now, as I’m recovering and healing very well the staff of Dr. Bokhari’s office continuous to aim my recovery to make me feel very special cared for.
Much appreciation

Dr.Bokhari, I recently had a breasts augmentation done by Dr.Bokhari and his staff. The experience was wonderful, I felt extremely comfortable about the decision I was making. All of the staff made me feel so safe and assure me of the great outcome am now experiencing after Dr.Bokhari;s surgery. Not only is he honest about where he can take you aesthetically he listens and takes you’re desires into consideration. I would definitely recommend his service to anyone if you are looking for a professional yet cozy environment to enhance your image
Thank you

Dr. Bokhari, I wanted to express my sincere appreciation you did a beautiful job. Your staff has been so friendly and helpful delivering this procedure. I was welcomed like family.
The day of the surgery I was very excited and nervous but the Doctor and the Staff put me completely at ease.
You have forever changed my life I only wish I had done these years earlier.
Thank you and your staff for all you have done you is a wonderful person.
I will definitely recommend you to all my friends
Thank you

Asiya, Thank you so much for being by my side. It was a great comfort to have you in the room.
You have been so nice to me and treated me like more than a patient. You are a great friend, the check up calls after surgery and the card meant a lot to me. I look forward to seeing in future visits.
Thank you

10.5.2000 – Dr.Bokhari and staff, I just wanted to let you know that you really made a difference in my life, I feel so much better about myself
Thank you,
P.S. thanks for the flowers

Dr.Bokhari, After visiting several different Doctor’s and found Dr.Bokhari to be very honest and recommend the best treatment for me and am very happy with my new look.
Thank you

I’m nineteen and wasn’t happy with my nose, breast and jaw line since I became a teenager, Dr Bokhari and staff made me very comfortable in my decisions to have these altered. I was terrified of the pain and results! Within one week of the surgery all stitches and bandages were removed and after another week bruising around my eyes disappeared. I thought I would be in pain in bed for six weeks! The results are brilliant my breast look natural and suit my body shape. My nose is great and has gone beyond my expectations. My jaw line is now move defined due to the liposuction and the tightening of muscles. I became a new person within two weeks!
Thank you Dr. Bokhari and the staff

19.03.2007 – I am amazed by my new look I couldn’t believe that such a simple operation could make such a drastic change in my look. Am very happy with the outcome.
I would like to thanks Dr.bokhari for his incredible amazing work.

5.4.2007 – Dr.Bokhari
Thank you Dr.bokhari the surgery was successfully and thanks god I found what I was. Dreaming if it all my life…

15.3.2007 – Its my first surgery in my life and I’m so glad that I did it here by great doctor he is great in many ways in personality level and in proof level.
It was great experience for me although it started bad especial after the surgery when I saw my face swollen. But after I saw the expression on my family and friends face I knew that everything goes well and Dr did miracle in my face I’m so happy now. So thank you Dr. Farhat and to all the staff for supporting
Thank you

Dr.Bokhari, Thank you very much. You really changed my life
Thank you,

Thank you Dr.bokhari I’m so happy with the result of my breasts augmentation. They look very natural and exactly how I pictured
Thanks again

I’m very pleased with your staff. Everyone is very organized and the results of the treatment are more then satisfying
Thank you,

The consultation was great very comfortable with Dr, the tummy tuck was what I expected, the follow up was good, well taken care of and he is very tall and very good looking Dr.ahmad ghanem lol he asked me to mention that bit

Three cheers for my lazier specialist I’m not proud to say for the last 30years I abused my skin. Coming from New Zealand every opportunity I got I was down the beach sun bathing in the hot crispy sun smothered in baby oil or coconut oil. I have spent thousands of dollars on magical creams and potions trying to get my youth full skin! Do not waste you’re time or money like I did, go visit laser therapist she will listen to your needs and wants and then advise you on what treatment she recommends. After having two sessions of lazier treatments my friends says to me, have you had your teeth whitened! Have you got a new hair style smile and say no, if you want to know ,y secret go see laser therapist at the Dubai Cosmetic Surgery. Thank you laser therapist and the lovely ladies at the reception I feel fantastic
New Zealand

I always get great service here! This is the dentist office that I trust with my whole family! Everyone is very nice and very professional.
Timothy Saltzman

Dear Dr. Bokhari
First of all I would like to thanks “A TV” for giving me the opportunity to being treated by Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Center Islamabad for improvement of my out look rather I can say having a new look.
I am a 44year old married woman having excess weight and bulky appearance. When I submit my application through “A TV”, I don’t have any idea about my selection. But Dr. Bokhari selects me for a “LIPOSECTION” from my Tummy (abdomen), lower portion and from my hips.
I would also like to thank Dr. Bokhari for his wonderful treatment I’ve received at “MAROOF HOSPITAL ISLAMABAD”. When I come for my initial checkup, both Dr. Bokhari and his associate Tahira shared all the “if & buts” and taking great care to address my all questions and concerns. The most notable thing is Dr. Bokhari’s attitude towards his patients. He is soooo….. cool and gracious. Dr. Bokhair also a great surgeon and I am really admire by his professional skills and his attitude. I received special extra care during my surgery / liposuction of my tummy at hospital. Nowadays, I am recovering and healing very well the staff of Dr. Bokhari’s clinic continuously monitors me with the aim to give a very new and special look.
At the end, once again I would like to thanks for all Staff of Dr. Bokhari’s clinic, Maroof Hospital and “A TV”.
Shahida Ikram
April 28th 2011

April 27. 2011-Salam, my name is Sara Farooq.I took nose surgery under the hands of DR.FARHAT BUKHARI.it was very good experience.staff was so gud so kind .nice and so copeartive.when i took surgery i do not feel any sort of pain or any kind of injuri in my nose just light sweeling in my nose which is recovering day by day and i also feel my nose is much beter as compared to before surgery.suming up just say in honour of DR.FARHAT BUKHARI he is complete MASEEHA so nice so cool person he is .he is so soft hearted person deal with paitents so nicely.my surgery experience is soo good and i am happy to feel tremebdous change in my personnality. THANKS to all staff and DR.FARHAT BUKHARI GIVING ME SO CARE AND GOOD TREATMENT.

Assalam u Alaikum…This email is written on behalf of Ali Arshad and his family. They are very happy and content with his surgery. You guys have given him a new look. They cannot thank you enough for this favour. All the doctors especially Dr. Farhat Bukhari and Dr. Nadeem Umer did a fabulous job alongwith the support staff and the staff from the Maroof International Hospital. The staff of Dubai Cosmetic Surgery deserves a large share of the credit for Ali’s surgery. Ali feels a lot better and confident on the new look that you have given to him. He owes it to all of you. The family of Ali Arshad are also very thankful. They think that it is a very noble deed that you are doing and wish you all the best for the future. Last but not the least a big thanks from the bottom of our heart to Farah from Atv for being responsible for all that has been done and being so cooperative the whole time alongwith the crew of Atv. May ALLAH bless you all. Thank you for all what has been done.
With kind regards,
Ali Arshad and Family(Multan)
April 27, 2011

Once my parents were watching a morning show on (A Morning
With Farah). In that program the host Farah Hussain announces that we can fill the form and send our pictures, Dr. Farhat Bukhari will select some of them for free surgery. When I came home from the college my parents told me the whole situation and they said that I should fill the form and send the pictures of my nose. My nose tip was slightly flat and I was wanted that my nose tip should be slightly trimmed and lifted up. Therefore I send the form and pictures to Dubai
Cosmetic Surgery. They called me for the check up.After that they selected me and give the date of operation.
Dr. Farhat Bukhari was very polite to all patients. He inspect my nose very carefully.His behaviour was very nice. Dr. Nadeem Umer was very kind and provide the necessary medical advice. The staff was also cooperative and they look us very well.
On 13th March -2011 I reported in the hospital early in the morning. Maroof International Hospital was very nice. The hospital staff was very kind. They all deal us very very carefully. In operation theatre I was little bit afraid of the operation , the doctors cooled me down.
After the operation Maroof International Hospital staff looked after me very well. After settling down at 8:00 pm on the same day they discharged me. For follow up I visited Dubai Cosmetic surgery and I was dealt very well.
WORDS OF THANKS : I am very happy with my nose. Thanks to Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, Maroof International Hospital and ATV for providing me such a nice opportunity with great people.
Amna Khan – April 27, 2011

Dear Sir,
My Experience with Dubai Cosmetic Surgery was excellent.I was treat very gently and politely by all the Staff members.
I felt I am in home away from home.Every one was so cooperative and caring.They listen to my problem very carefully and I am satisfied with their services.Their Back up Support is top Quality.Dr. Farhat personally attended my call and personally respond to my all questions and Satisfied me regarding my Cosmetic Treatment.He is a great human being.
With kind regards
Yours Truly,
Zaheer Ahmad – April 25, 2011