VIP and Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Many celebrities and well known personalities had plastic surgery from Dr. Bokhari. He understands the unique needs of famous, important and high net worth individuals. Confidentiality and privacy are very important considerations.

Special arrangements are made in such cases. Consultations are totally private and steps are taken at the hospital to protect the privacy. Details of this can be found at the main website of Dubai Cosmetic Surgery.

If you are a celebrity or a VIP, you deserve to be treated in a special way.

At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery we understand your status, your way of thinking and your need to be treated and cared with utmost attention to detail.

We also understand your need for privacy and confidentiality; therefore we have a special plan to cater to your desiring needs. We know that you look for value and are willing to pay for high quality services which are Tailor made for you.

Consider the magic features of our services for VIPs and celebrities.

  • You have special timings with our Plastic Surgeon/Dermatologist you never have to wait in the waiting area.
  • You get a detailed and unhurried consultation for a full one hour, and it can be extended if needed.
  • Our surgeon will perform only your surgery the day your surgery is scheduled; you will get full and undivided attention.
  • You stay in excellent VIP suite at the hospital in full privacy; your name will be changed.
  • You get a private duty nurse and even a doctor at your discretion.
  • You get a call from our consultant everyday for one week, you can call them as many time as you like.
  • Physiotherapy for massage and quick recovery.

As people have been to realize the importance of cosmetic surgery in their lives, they have also become more selective in their choice about their surgeon, the clinic and the hospital.

Understanding your needs and desires, a world class, expertise and a passion for excellence are the wall made of Dubai Cosmetic Surgery. And then of course there is the elite inner circle of patients.

Come explore the new horizon of youthfulness and beauty at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery.