What to Expect from a Surgical Facelift?

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What to Expect from a Surgical Facelift?

Ageing is an inevitable process. Gravity, sun exposure, and many other factors play their role in making our face look older. Sometimes, not taking proper nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, and carelessness make us look older before time. The fine lines on our forehead become creases, and then deeper folds. Crow’s feet start to appear on the sides of our eyes. The jawline gradually becomes jowls, and another chin appears below our chin. Our face loses its normal V-shape and becomes more rectangular

For many of us, signs of ageing, especially premature, create anxiety. We   start to lose our confidence when it comes to relationships and social   interactions. Surgical facelift is very popular cosmetic surgery procedure  to counter these problems, but do you ever wonder how a facelift can   improve your looks? Let’s have a look at the facelift procedure, and know  what to expect from a facelift procedure.

In surgical facelift, the underlying muscles and connecting tissues of the  face are tightened and excess fat and skin is removed. An incision is made starting from the hairline at the temples, and continues around the ears, and ends in the lower scalp behind the ear. The aim is to match the incision with the natural creases of the face so that they become very difficult to detect. The site of the incision can be different according to the specific situation of the patient. It is normal to experience a little swelling and tightening of the skin, and this will go in about two weeks.

This creates a rejuvenated look and subtracts years from your face. Although this does not stop the ageing process, the results of the procedure are long lasting. You will see the effects of the procedure for about ten years, and this period can be extended with adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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